There are some who call me... Tim. (Tim Paige to be exact)

You're probably here because you're looking for my bio or maybe a headshot to use for your podcast, event, blog post, or that really sweet trading card you're making of me! You'll find that below.


Tim Paige is what the smartest people in the world refer to as a "Webinar Superhero" (or at least, that's what he'd prefer they'd call him).  

Having hosted over a thousand live webinars and grossing nearly $10Million in revenue directly from those webinars, the companies that work with Tim are truly glad they do.  

He's also a professional voice actor with clients such as NBC, Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Weather Channel, Comcast, and more.  

He's a husband to one, father to two, and beloved by at least 3.  

His presentations are often littered with comic book references and he bleeds Syracuse Orange.  

(He wrote this bio in the third person because that's what he was told you're supposed to do.)


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