Hi. I'm Tim Paige.

You're probably here because you're looking for my bio or maybe a headshot to use for your podcast, event, blog post, or that really sweet trading card you're making of me! You'll find that below.


Tim Paige is a webinar gun-for-hire who has hosted over 1,000 live webinars for some of the most successful SaaS startups over the last 4 years. Working directly with these leading companies, Tim has both created and hosted high-converting webinars that brought in a combined total of over $12 million in revenue.  

With a client list that features fast-growing startups like Leadpages, Smart Marketer, Zipify, Drip, FunnelDash, Needls, and Course Cats—to name a few—Tim’s experience in helping SaaS companies create and market highly successful webinar channels is absolutely unparalleled.  

Tim is known for his honest, transparent, and engaging style. His attendees never leave his webinars without actionable information they can use to solve their problems, even if they don’t make a purchase during his online trainings.  

When he’s not hosting high-converting webinars, Tim is a professional voice actor. You may have heard Tim’s voice on NBC, The CW, The Weather Channel, Tomy Toys, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and The UFC—a talent which keeps Tim’s attendees entertained during every webinar.  

Tim is also a proud husband, father of two boys, follower of Syracuse University basketball, and lover of all things comic books.  


Tim Paige Webinars: www.timpaigewebinars.com

Voice Acting: www.thevoiceoftimpaige.com

Podcast Intros & Outros: www.makemyintro.com