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Tim's Studio

Tim records in a world-class recording studio in Cazenovia, NY. The studio is fully sound-proof and sound treated for crystal clear sound quality and features the highest quality recording equipment, including:

  • Neumann TLM103 Microphone
  • UA Apollo Twin Interface
  • Adobe Audition
  • Macbook Pro


Publishers & Producers


"The narrator, Tim Paige, performed the audiobook with a smooth, flowing style. Paige gave the listener a solid reading that was captivating and easy to follow... I give him a 5-star rating! Hope to hear more from him." - Audiobook Reviewer review of "Ancient Echoes" by Joanne Pence

"Paige's narration carries the yearning and recklessness of two people caught up in each other and a city. His tone mellows during tender moments between them and becomes frenzied during the tense scenes." - Audiofile Magazine review of "A Beautiful Crime" by Christopher Bollen

"This narrator was AMAZING. I never felt like he was mocking the women, I always knew who was talking, and his comedic timing was flawless." - Audible Reviewer

"Tim’s voice has that must-keep-listening quality that will hook your fans and have them reaching for the next chapter, missing sleep, and calling in sick for work. If you want talent that stirs emotion and brings your characters into the damn room with your listeners, you need Tim on your project." - Richard Parry, author of Tyche's Flight

"Tim Paige has quickly become one of my top narrators and he does an amazing job on this book." - Audible Reviewer

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Need help finding the right narrator for your project? Whether it's a dual narration, or I'm just not the right fit, contact me and I'll help make the process smooth and easy.

About Tim Paige

Hi. I'm Tim Paige, and I'd love to be your narrator.

I'm a father to two awesome little boys (and a 4 lb toy poodle). We're a little too obsessed with Disney (#Disnerds) and Marvel Comics.

I spent a large part of my life as a touring musician, playing on some of the bigget stages in the world (including on MTV's TRL, back when that was a thing). 

I also practiced and taught marketing (mostly at software startups) so I've got tech expertise, as well as experience with entrepreneurship, startups, and motivation.

I'm a bit obsessed with weight lifting and nutrition, so you'll often find me studying scientific papers on how different foods effect the human body... and then at the free weights at the gym to test how they impact my strength.

Rom Coms are my JAM, so if something has a HEA, count me in. 

I've not only narrated best-selling books, but have also voiced national commercials, tv show promos, trailers, and more. Thanks for stopping in. 


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