Liam DiCosimo, Audiobook Narrator

American Storyteller, Irish Soul

"Liam DiCosimo did such an amazing job with the narration. He brings all the emotions in this story." 

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"Liam really brought this book to life! Loved his sexy voice for this story."

"The intensity that Liam DiCosimo brought to the table was so well done and I cannot wait to hear what he does with the next books in the series."

"Liam DiCosimo brings all the emotions that this story has. I absolutely love how he brings this story to life. It just made me love this story even more."

"Liam DiCosimo brought the characters to life and had fitting emotions"

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About Liam DiCosimo

Liam DiCosimo, a modern seanachaí, or Irish Folk storyteller, comes from the long tradition of using a wide range of conventions, styles of speech and gestures that were particular to the Irish folk tradition that helped characterize them as practitioners of their art. Renowned for their expansive repertoires, captivating voices, and commanding presence, the tales of the seanachaí were passed from one practitioner to another without ever being written down, allowing the storyteller to relive the story in their own words and immerse their audience in the adventure.

Liam’s performance experience began on the stage during primary and secondary school musical productions, and progressed to his enrollment at The Crane School of Music, a top five music conservatory in the US, to over a decade traveling the country as a musician performing on MTV’s TRL, The Bamboozle Festival and Vans Warped Tour as the lead singer of the band, Honor Bright.

Eventually in 2013, he made the transition into podcasting and has worked as a host on his own podcast as well as a creative consultant for over 1,000 other podcasts with his best friend, Tim Paige at

Having parlayed his skills as an entertainer, Liam began work as a voice over actor and narrator, finding his true love and passion in the pages of literature just waiting to be brought to life. Whether it’s mystery, romance, or any genre, let Liam articulate your story into the annals of audio history as an American storyteller with an Irish soul.